The strategic plan you develop with your client is intended to be their roadmap to the future. But a plan is only as good as its implementation. Careful tracking, ongoing assessment and reporting of all the activities associated with the plan will drive their journey.

With WePlanWell™ your clients can:

Assess the plan at every level, from high level initiatives and performance measures to specific individual tactics.

Assess and comment on progress on all plan elements, including percentage complete, by quarter and by year.

Automatically pull data from assessments into scorecard reports for at-a-glance information about performance and progress at both high level Governance and day-to-day Management.

Access the Planning Calendar, automatically created as the plan is developed, which lists objectives, actions, responsible party(s) and the most current assessment of the plan elements.

Analyze the Resource Planning Calendar, also created automatically as the plan is developed to assess by type, plan year and responsible party all the resources required to implement the plan.

Export plan documents, assessments and reports in several formats for easy copying and presentation.

Update any element of the plan and immediately find the change reflected in all reports and assessment options.

As a WePlanWell™ consultant, you can offer your clients access to a tool that assures plan execution is easier to monitor and more straightforward to assess than ever before.


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