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WePlanWell leverages technology to take the development and implementation of strategic plans to a new level. It adds depth and value to the planning process and empowers users to transform their planning into organizational performance. It's a new idea, and like any new idea it demands forward-looking, innovative people to drive its adoption. WePlanWell is pleased to introduce the members of our founding community of strategic planning consultants:

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United States

Tammi Wallace, EnFocus Strategies, Houston, TX

Tammi is the Principal at EnFocus Strategies. She launched EnFocus Strategies to utilize her talents and varied experience to assist diverse groups of organizations with strategic counsel and high-quality consulting services. Tammi’s career experience includes education management, financial services, nonprofit management, political campaigns, public policy, and management consulting. Tammi’s background and areas of expertise include advocacy and governmental relations, campaign management, community engagement, grassroots organizing, growth planning and strategy, operations, leadership/management, marketing and public relations, due diligence, partnership development, project management, and strategic planning. 

Her specialties include:

  • Strategic Counsel, Planning, and Implementation
  • Community Development & Engagement
  • Partnership and Coalition Development
  • Project Planning and Management
  • Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Operations and Internal Assessments

Gerry Vazquez, gvconsulting, New York
Gerry Vazquez

gvconsulting is a New York-based consultancy founded by Gerry Vazquez, a nonprofit expert and strategist. Gerry has conducted strategic and business planning for 25 leading nonprofits, fostered strategic partnerships with leading philanthropic organizations, and helped clients develop and expand national corporate-school partnerships. His firm specializes in providing strategic planning, advice and support to innovative organizations in the education, youth, cultural, civic and community enterprise sectors. Of special interest are campaigns and initiatives to eliminate the opportunity gap for disadvantaged children, create jobs, and engage and empower community members.

Consulting services include:


  • Strategic planning 
  • Partnership formation
  • Venture planning 
  • Program development 
  • Grant writing 
  • Outreach
  • Social media strategies 

Bob Voss, Growth River, LLC, Arlington, MA

Bob Voss, PhD, is skilled at helping organizations and their leaders identify and address the critical issues that stand in the way of a high level of shared vision, purpose and results-driven performance. He has extensive experience as a teacher, trainer, and technical writer, and has held senior operational, executive, and board-level roles in a global non-profit organization. Bob is trained in whole-systems thinking and brings a proven ability to resolve diverse management challenges and to help leaders navigate the ‘tough people issues’ at the heart of creating the conditions for sustained success. His unique background also includes training as a systems ecologist and several years working as a software trainer and consultant. He is the co-author of several best-selling software books.

His specialties include:

  • Aligning Organizational Cultures and Business Models
  • Facilitating Strategic Alignment Meetings
  • Organizational Development
  • Leadership and Team Development
  • Strategic and Business Planning

Rodrigo Herrera, Herrera Talent Strategies, Houston, TX
Rodrigo Herrera

Rodrigo aligns talent strategies to organizational goals for his clients.  He brings extensive consulting experience serving for-profit and non-profit clients with McKinsey & Co., Katzenbach Partners LLC, and now with his own practice, Herrera Talent Strategies, LLC.  His success as a trusted advisor stems from his passion for finding and addressing root causes hidden behind the presenting issues facing an organization.  His value-add comes from helping to build capability within his client organizations at the individual, team, and front-line levels.

His specialties include:

  • Strategy Clarification
  • Implementation Planning 
  • Executive Team Alignment 
  • Frontline Engagement
  • Leadership Capability Development


Denise McNerney, iBossWell, Inc, Shawnee Mission, KS

iBossWell, Inc. is a leadership and organizational development company working with non-profits, for-profits and government agencies to bring success through greater alignment between strategy, tactics and organizational culture. Their experienced consultant team created the WePlanWell system, and bring a combined 70+ years in leadership, planning, and demonstrated successful execution: Denise McNerney, President & CEO; Lynne Brown, VP Strategic Consulting; Terri Harmon, VP Operations & Technical Translation.

Terri HarmonLynne BrownDenise McNerneyTheir specialties include:

  • Strategic Planning Development & Implementation Tracking
  • Organizational Development
  • Program Assessment
  • Leadership Assessment and Development
  • Board Assessment and Development
  • Team Assessment and Development
  • Executive Coaching


Johanson GroupBlair and Bruce Johanson, Johanson Group, Fayetteville, AR

With a combined 65 years of experience in all facets of business management and planning, Johanson Consulting delivers the insight and confidence needed to produce meaningful results.

Blair JohansonBruce JohansonTheir specialties include:

  • Strategic Management
  • Performance Based Management Systems
  • Strategic/Long Range Planning
  • Corporate & External Environmental Assessment


Kathy Trotter, Krysalis Consulting, Northwest Arkansas

Kathy is Principal at Krysalis Consulting. As a consultant and coach, she shares “knowledge that works” with leaders in both small businesses and social sector organizations. Her extensive background in both for-profit and non-profit settings is key to the work she does helping clients build the internal capabilities they need to deliver quality products and services and contribute to the well-being of their communities.

Her specialties include: 

  • Strategic planning
  • Business planning
  • Leadership development
  • Capacity Building
  • Succession Planning


James R. Lindsay, The Lindsay Group LLC

James R. Lindsay has been helping nonprofit agencies, for profit businesses, and government agencies engage in strategic planning, organizational development and fund raising since 1976. He has been the Chief Executive Officer of The Lindsay Group, LLC a management consulting firm based in Washington, D.C. since 1995. James has served as a grant reviewer for Federal agencies for over 20 years and for the District of Columbia for over ten years. He and his firm have helped clients raise over $200 million. James teaches webinars, workshops, and conferences on strategic planning and fundraising nationally and is a published author of books and EGuides on grant writing and the business of grant writing.

His firm's specialties include: 

  • Strategic planning
  • Board Development
  • Grant Writing
  • Copy Writing
  • Technical Writing
  • Meeting Facilitation
  • Graphic Design
  • Training


Denice R. Hinden, Phd, ACC, ELI-MP; Managance Consulting & Coaching, Silver Spring, MD

Denice is on a mission to ignite passion and a sense of opportunity and well-being into nonprofit, business and public workplaces through more conscious energetic leadership and attention to organizational culture and organizational development. Denice is a certified executive coach and co-author of the groundbreaking book, The Nonprofit Organizational Culture Guide: Revealing the Hidden Truths that Impact Performance (Jossey-Bass, 2011).

Her specialties include: 

  • Transforming Strategic Planning & Implementation Support
  • Executive Leadership Pre Transition Planning
  • Executive Leadership Post Transition Planning
  • Coaching with Executives, Sr. Level Staff & Teams
  • Coaching with Board & Committee Leaders
  • Leadership Assessment & Development Planning
  • Board Operations Planning


Mike Molino LLCMike Molino, CAE, Mike Molino LLC, Falls Church, VA

During a 27-year career in the Army, Mike taught leadership, decision-making and planning at every level of Army officer education, from teaching junior officers in the Infantry School and mid-grade officers at the Command and General Staff College, to working with colonels, generals and senior executive service civilians at the Industrial College of the Armed Forces. He retired with the rank of colonel and began a new career, serving for 16 years as president and CEO of a multi-million dollar national trade association of entrepreneurial small business owners.

Mike brings hands-on, practical experience to his work as a strategic planning and organizational development consultant to businesses, trade associations and nonprofit organizations.

Mike MolinoHis specialties include: 

  • Strategic Planning
  • Leadership and Management Consulting and Speaking
  • Organizational Alignment and Engagement
  • Teambuilding and Problem Solving Workshops
  • Executive Coaching



  Insley Consulting

Emma Insley, Insley Consulting, London, England

Emma is a respected former third sector leader who now helps non-profit organizationstransform services, get the best from their teams, and secure sustainable funding.
Emma Insley
Her specialties include:

  • Strategic Development
  • Fundraising
  • Evaluation and Transformation
  • Leadership and Governance


Learn how you can become a Certified WePlanWell Consultant
Call 913-642-1416 or email contact@weplanwell.com 

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