One of the keys to successful strategic plan implementation lies in specifically linking the performance of every individual employee, every stakeholder, to the plan itself. The Individual Performance Plan (IPP) feature of WePlanWell™ gives users the ability to easily identify, track and measure performance goals for everyone with responsibilities connected to the plan. It can also serve as the complete Individual Performance Management system for the entire organization.

With the IPP feature in WePlanWell™ you can:

Easily align employee performance goals with Strategic Plan goals: each employee can instantly download their strategic plan responsibilities directly into their individual plan.

Expand the IPP to reflect strategic plan responsibilities as well as day-to-day job requirements and individual development goals.

Support and enhance your existing performance management process. WePlanWell™ delivers an accurate and effective tool for identifying, tracking and measuring performance deliverables for every employee. Use it to take your performance management process to a new level.

Utilize IPP assessments available to both employees and their managers. This tool captures the assessments and comments made by both parties on each element of the IPP.

Create at-a-glance reports making it easy to identify where progress is being made or where additional attention, review or support is needed.

Export plan documents, assessments and reports in several formats for easy copying and presentation

Update any element of the plan and immediately find the change reflected in all reports and assessment options

The Individual Performance Plan feature offers a tool you can use to assure that your organization's time and energy is focused on the highest level priorities of the plan. IPP is just one of the innovative features offered by WePlanWell™, which can help transform your Strategic Plan into strategic performance.



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